Fairom's platform reduce cost of trading and managing over-the-counter financial derivatives. Even non-standard, customized derivatives can be traded digitally and back-office operations are automated.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed Ledger Technology

Synchronized ledger across counterparties

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Complex derivatives as a combination of modular features

Privacy and Data Security

Privacy and Data Security

Cutting edge cryptographic tools for data security and privacy



Automated covenant execution and payment instructions


We are a group of engineers and PhDs with experience in capital markets and technology firms.

Back-office operations surrounding OTC derivatives are still manual, error-prone and laborious. This affects front-office operations and risk management in financial institutions. We have firsthand experience of problems surrounding OTC trading, that we are solving at Fairom.

At this early stage, our team is growing and we are acquiring expertise in all the relevant fields. Contact us if you will like to join our team.

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